...I assure quality work in a timely manner because I'm only interested in long-term business relationships...

Looking For Your Web Consultant?

Hello, my name is Zachary Smith, located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the EST timezone. I have extensive experience in frontend HTML/CSS/JavaScript projects, and I've worked exclusively with WordPress since its inception in 2003. I have strong exposure with PHP, and work on existing PHP websites or WordPress theme and WordPress plugin development on a daily basis.

I've worked full time remotely for clients in the PHP and frontend space since high school, no breaks; and in 2010 zachis.it was born. I am only interested in long term relationships, on projects that keep me excited and constantly learning more in the WordPress, PHP, OOP space. I never feel like this is a "J-O-B" because web development is a passion of mine and I love it every day.

On a very personal note, in 2015 I was diagnosed and ultimately beat cancer. I feel blessed every day to be alive and doing what I love for amazing clients. Being able to pay the bills also helps keep me motivated.

WordPress and PHP/HTML/CSS/Jquery Projects

The majority of my projects involve building sites from scratch using WordPress. When I'm not working on WordPress projects, I'm building sites with plain CSS/HTML/Jquery to hand off to a backend programmer on an existing team. I have over 15 years experience with PHP, which is why I normally handle both frontend and backend projects with PHP, normal frontend code with HTML/CSS/Jquery, and I like to use SASS, Git workflows, and whatever project management tool you like to use. Examples of some of my work is below.

Contact Me Directly

If you have specific details ready to discuss regarding an upcoming project, please email me, Zach, directly at zach@zachis.it.