Get You Up To Speed On Laravel For Your Next Project

Learn Laravel with these tipsIf you have just started learning about Laravel, then welcome to the site. This MVC framework has taken the PHP community by storm, and rightfully so. Lar-a-vel, pronounced as it is phonetically spelled, is putting the fun back into PHP programming. It is quickly becoming the framework of choice, and for adequate reasons. If you are an experienced PHP programmer trying to figure out if this is the best choice for your next project, or you are a business owner considering which platform to build your next product on, this article may benefit you along the meditation process. Continue reading

Startup Nightmare Blog Interview

WordPress and MagentoThis week I have the privilege of interviewing a slight internet star in way of a blog. I’ve been following the Tumblr blog Startup Nightmare for some time now, getting my daily dose of insane job ads posted by delusional startups for no pay. I’ve been asked to keep the owner of the blog’s information secret to not jeopardize the current position and connections in the Silicon Valley the owner has. In this interview we touch on topics such as the craziness of startups and the idea of working for free, how this concept started, and any feedback from any authors who’ve found their way onto the blog. Let’s get right into it. Continue reading

Why WordPress Is Better Than Magento?

WordPress and MagentoWhile making a decision to start an e-commerce business, users need to find a suitable platform that will better help and increase their popularity. Even though, there are many solutions to choose from, you always have to focus on the widely used and biggest ones i.e. WordPress and Magento. Continue reading

Where and Why is PHP So Popular

PHP Among the numerous programming frameworks available, PHP is considered a front-runner, and most definitely for all the right reasons. The PHP frameworks have redefined the way web applications are developed, equipping them with much more flair and functionalities. The ease with which the developers can create fully-functional solutions is unmatched and this happens to be one of the primary reasons for the credence given to Continue reading

Dangers of Fixed Price Projects

Fixed Price ProjectsI frequently get asked if I will work on fixed priced projects. In the past 11 years since I have been doing web development, I have tried my hand at both hourly based projects and fixed price projects, each having their pros and cons. In this article, I am just going to focus on the major issues developers and clients are faced with on a daily basis, Continue reading

Benefits Of Scrum Meetings In Development

Scrum MeetingScrum refers to a problem solving and development practice which is not restricted by chronological set forms. It is normally incorporated with the agile software development so that efficiency can be maximized. It basically enables practitioners to organically develop and assess ideas as well as solutions. The ideas are not limited to software development and therefore, Continue reading

What Are The Advantages Of Python?

Advantage Of PythonPython is a high level, object-oriented and interpreted programming language for the web. It is also regarded as a strong server side scripting language. Python code resembles the pseudo code just like all the scripting languages. The elegant design and syntax rules of this programming language make it quite readable even among the multi programmer development teams. The Python language hardly provides a rich syntax, which is quite useful. Continue reading

Information on Python Certification

Python ProgrammingPython is a highly sophisticated and famous programming language with understandable and readable syntax. It has the capability to integrate with several domains. Python is gradually gaining more and more popularity around the world as a great programming language. These days, more and more developers and programmers are learning this programming language due to the number of benefits offered by it. Most of them are going for Python certification, which can add a lot of credentials to their resume. In case you are looking for some key information on Python certification, Continue reading

What Should You Do After Learning Python Language?

Python LanguagePython is a popular programming language, which can change the course of your web programming career. It can help you in achieving new heights and making loads of profits on the go. The best thing about this language is that it is easy to learn and quick to code. As a beginner, you can easily learn this language and set your career ablaze. However, for that you definitely need to work hard on your skills. However, once you have learned the language, the question that would arise in your mind would be what you should do next. Continue reading