What Are The Advantages Of Python?

Advantage Of PythonPython is a high level, object-oriented and interpreted programming language for the web. It is also regarded as a strong server side scripting language. Python code resembles the pseudo code just like all the scripting languages. The elegant design and syntax rules of this programming language make it quite readable even among the multi programmer development teams. The Python language hardly provides a rich syntax, which is quite useful. Continue reading

Information on Python Certification

Python ProgrammingPython is a highly sophisticated and famous programming language with understandable and readable syntax. It has the capability to integrate with several domains. Python is gradually gaining more and more popularity around the world as a great programming language. These days, more and more developers and programmers are learning this programming language due to the number of benefits offered by it. Most of them are going for Python certification, which can add a lot of credentials to their resume. In case you are looking for some key information on Python certification, Continue reading

What Should You Do After Learning Python Language?

Python LanguagePython is a popular programming language, which can change the course of your web programming career. It can help you in achieving new heights and making loads of profits on the go. The best thing about this language is that it is easy to learn and quick to code. As a beginner, you can easily learn this language and set your career ablaze. However, for that you definitely need to work hard on your skills. However, once you have learned the language, the question that would arise in your mind would be what you should do next. Continue reading

Python – The Ever So Popular Programming Language

Python ProgrammingThe field of programming is a complex one to understand. In order to excel here, a programmer needs to work hard and become a proficient worker and needs to develop their skills regarding a desired language. Python is a programming language, which is rapidly taking the lead as one of the finest languages around the world. The growth of this language is really fast and it has won numerous awards around the world. Continue reading

5 Easy Steps to Start with Multi-Channel Funnels In Google Analytics

In the technological world, every single thing should be measurable, right from the performance of advertisements to the consumer behavior. This implies that transparency in advertising expenditure is reaching unparalleled levels, and the anticipation of accountability and the proven return on investment is coming to the forefront of the marketing departments. Multi–channel funnels in Google Analytics are really gaining more and more popularity these days due to a number of reasons. Presently, web analytics tools including CoreMetrics and Google Analytics make use of a “last touch” attribution model for the purpose of assigning credit for conversions. Continue reading

CakePHP InfoGraphic

CakePHP Read More: CakePHP Development – Pitfalls to Avoid During Web Development

  1. CakePHP is a free open source web application framework, written in PHP and modeled from the Ruby on Rails concept.
  2. It includes every ingredient required to bake a nice web-application, including translations, caching, database access, authentication, validation and a lot more. It is also one of the most secure frameworks and helps in keeping your application safe and secure with inbuilt tools for CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, input validation, XSS prevention and form tampering protection.
  3. CakePHP’s popularity can be ascertained by its usage trend that states, 0.14% of top million websites on the internet use CakePHP. At present, CakePHP is used by over 56000 websites, out of which nearly 12100 websites are the most visited ones on the internet.
  4. Ready help and support are available through the cookbook, the bakery, the API, CakeForge, the IRC channel, the Google group and through tutorials, test cases & examples. This makes it even more popular among the top websites.
  5. Among the top 100000 websites, CakePHP is mostly used by business (28%), shopping (11%) and travel (10%) websites. Also, a major number of websites hosted by popular hosting companies use CakePHP. Nearly 24% of websites on Rackspace, 12% websites on Amazon, and 10-11% websites on Softlayer and OVH web hosting infrastructures, make use of CakePHP. 

Easy Management EC2 Instances on AWS through Mobile Applications

Amazon Web ServicesAmazon Web Services require no introduction! Their importance in the cloud storage industry is increasing day by day and this is why people are now switching over to AWS through several mobile applications. Amazon web services offer an all-inclusive set of applications and infrastructure services, which permit you to administer virtually just about everything in cloud. These things could include anything from big data projects to enterprise applications to mobile apps and social games. Continue reading

Creating a Responsive Web Design Using Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter BootstrapTwitter Bootstrap is a popular frame, which was launched by the website Twitter for the purpose of open source web development technology to create front-end web frameworks. This framework has been used for creating professional and beautiful websites by prestigious names likes NASA and the White House. Not many people are aware of the fact that responsive web design is a popular approach, which can easily be regarded as a mindset. The whole idea of responsive design depends on CSS3 media queries that target certain screen sizes and resolutions. Now, all the media queries have been in the market for some time, but they were usually used to target print files. If you have made up your mind to create a responsive web design using Twitter bootstrap, Continue reading

The ABC’s of AWS

Amazon Web ServicesBeing a part of the hi-tech era, maybe you are one of the hard-core Dropbox devotees. Or perhaps you might find using Netflix for streaming Sherlock really interesting. No matter for what purpose you use the internet, you can always take out a couple of seconds and say thank you to Cloud. Seeing the rapid advancements, it would be safe enough to say that the AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become quite a synonymous term with cloud storage or computing. For the techie populace that was living under the stone until now, AWS is actually a platform on which a number of various popular websites and online services are built. No matter whether it is the big business projects, enterprise applications or just mobile games and apps, Continue reading