Benefits Of Using CakePHP For A Large-Scale Website Application

CakePHPCakePHP is one of the best open source frameworks available for PHP website development. Web developers can derive lots of benefits from this utility because it has been declared as a tested and reliable facility. Incepted since 2005, its encoded forms enable web developers to effectively work on the web development tasks. Read More: CakePHP Development – Pitfalls to Avoid During Web Development As a trusted and efficient web development utility, CakePHP has following benefits for the web developer:

  1. Particularly designed for large scale web applications, CakePHP is compatible with anumber of languages facilitating website developers to comfortably work. It does not force users to work with one language because every person does not find it easy to work with the same language.
  2. CakePHP is completely different from other types of frameworks as it facilitates theweb developers to create many large scale applications. With its fast coding facility,developers can complete their work within a short time period. Also, it saves a lot of developer’s time by enabling them to reuse previously created encoding.
  3. Developers are no more required to tackle with configuration problems becauseCakePHP framework works with ZERO configurations. With the help of auto removed features and settings, PHP developers do not have to configure additional settings apart from database connection features.
  4. Model View Controller (MVC) is another remarkable feature of CakePHP that letdevelopers to separate business logistics from presentation layer of the websites. It is an important part that connects database with queries and save data so as to keep track of each and every proceeding. Its view enables users to see the content they worked on while the controlling layer works on the data before it goes and relate with other layer present in the MVC.
  5. If you are going to create a PHP application, then CakePHP must be your ultimatechoice as a framework because it always remains up to date and is frequently used by professional PHP developers in all over the world. Hiring an experienced CakePHP developer means you will be having quality services with 100% guaranteed results. Skilled as well as experts in PHP development can always find it a perfect suit for their needs.


All these advantages are particularly compatible with CMS development which facilitates developers to easily choose the about to solve crucial development problems. CakePHP also works with latest businesses and make them strong with respect to CMS, thus enabling web developers to find authentic and cost effective solution. With CakePHP, web development can be done with more perfection and effectiveness. Web developers can work easily and end up with their intended result.

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CakePHP InfoGraphic

CakePHP Read More: CakePHP Development – Pitfalls to Avoid During Web Development

  1. CakePHP is a free open source web application framework, written in PHP and modeled from the Ruby on Rails concept.
  2. It includes every ingredient required to bake a nice web-application, including translations, caching, database access, authentication, validation and a lot more. It is also one of the most secure frameworks and helps in keeping your application safe and secure with inbuilt tools for CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, input validation, XSS prevention and form tampering protection.
  3. CakePHP’s popularity can be ascertained by its usage trend that states, 0.14% of top million websites on the internet use CakePHP. At present, CakePHP is used by over 56000 websites, out of which nearly 12100 websites are the most visited ones on the internet.
  4. Ready help and support are available through the cookbook, the bakery, the API, CakeForge, the IRC channel, the Google group and through tutorials, test cases & examples. This makes it even more popular among the top websites.
  5. Among the top 100000 websites, CakePHP is mostly used by business (28%), shopping (11%) and travel (10%) websites. Also, a major number of websites hosted by popular hosting companies use CakePHP. Nearly 24% of websites on Rackspace, 12% websites on Amazon, and 10-11% websites on Softlayer and OVH web hosting infrastructures, make use of CakePHP. 

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