Startup Nightmare Blog Interview

WordPress and MagentoThis week I have the privilege of interviewing a slight internet star in way of a blog. I’ve been following the Tumblr blog Startup Nightmare for some time now, getting my daily dose of insane job ads posted by delusional startups for no pay. I’ve been asked to keep the owner of the blog’s information secret to not jeopardize the current position and connections in the Silicon Valley the owner has. In this interview we touch on topics such as the craziness of startups and the idea of working for free, how this concept started, and any feedback from any authors who’ve found their way onto the blog. Let’s get right into it. Continue reading

Layman’s Guide to A/B Testing Via Google Web Optimizer

A/B TestingIn order to generate more and more conversions on your site you will have to carefully look into the traffic statistics. Google Analytics is an amazing service which can help you in a lot of ways. The fine concepts behind A/B testing are sound and have certainly been utilized within expert internet marketing for a number of years. Fundamentally, you would craft 2 web pages with somewhat different content: images, headers and other popular stuff you would want to test out. The Google Web Optimizer will compute all your split traffic and total visitors between both the pages in an equal manner. Stats are offered regarding the total number of conversions onto a special landing page, so you are able to evaluate which changes are eventually leading to more and more signups. This service usually ties directly into Google Analytics, Continue reading

Some A/B Tests That Should Be Given A Try

A/B TestingIn case you are planning to squeeze some extra dollars out of your existing web traffic, running different kinds of A/B tests is one thing that you need to start up. In case you possess at least 10, 000 monthly visitors, you need to consider administering 1 brand new A/B every other month. With my company we usually run 1A/B test every two weeks and even though several of the tests fail, we normally locate a winner 1 out of every 4 tests that boosts our rate of conversion by around 20 percent. One of the major ways I have been able to have amazing success is by learning the basics from other successful entrepreneurs. Every week, a suitable group of businessmen, including me, properly discuss the tests that we had failures or success with. We even share data between all of us, Continue reading

Things To Know About A/B Testing

A/B testingNo matter if you are new to A/B testing or a seasoned expert, there are some crucial things that you need to know about A/B testing. All these things are quite important for qualifying the user experience. A/B testing is the precise testing of 2 different designs of a site. It is quite similar to clinical trials of different prescription drugs, in which 1 group of test subjects is given the experimental drug and the other one is given the “placebo” which hardly has any treatment potential, Continue reading

Complete Guide To Effective Utilization Of Funnels in GA

Google AnalyticsAll the website owners should have complete information on Google Analytics and how it can help your website grow! As soon as you start building your website, a suitable funnel will show you what exactly is going on at all the desired levels. When you make use of these tunnels through Google Analytics, a fundamental sign up form on your website can be evaluated at every level. This means that in case you have a 5 step procedure, you will be able to observe what clients reached every step. Even if you are experiencing a strong drop off at a certain step, you can revamp the things according to your needs. Read More: Using Google Apps For Improving the Business In case you’re a webmaster, then you need to keep your focus on track website statistics. Google Analytics can help you craft artificial goals and affix them to your traffic in order to evaluate the failure or the success rate of visitors’ actions. These goals can also put your mind at great ease by tracking the execution of all the tasks of your visitors. The entire procedure sounds quite confusing, but it is really simple indeed. You can go through the guide given below to make your website a successful one.

  1. Clarifying All The Goals And FunnelsI will get started by defining two crucial keywords. The goals are the visitor tracking ways, which are set by the website owner in different criteria on the website. Generally, you’ll be checking the precise rate at which the visitor executes any goal you set up on the website. For instance, you could set a suitable goal to unlock when a client checks out the contact page. In case you do have visitors coming to your website’s home page and leaving pretty quickly, then they did not go through the contact page. This will be regarded as a failed goal marker. However, the visitors who land on your contact page will be recorded as successfully executing the goal. Such statistics can easily be recorded and viewed at a later stage.Not many people know that a funnel is usually an optional piece for the purpose of setting up goals. Funnels are known to restrict the amount of executing goals to only those individuals who follow the complete pathway. It is quite possible to set up several funnels for one goal. These multi–channel funnels can be quite confusing and so one should carefully understand them before working on them.
  2. Setting Up Great GoalsYou need to be absolutely clear about the goals, which you are accomplishing. You should also decide why you want to use these goals. Once you are done with that, you need to log into the Google Analytics and set up some fundamental instances. It’s essential to remember that Google is still crafting these features into the Google Analytics backend. Due to this reason, the user interface does not allow you to delete the goals once you craft them. You can, however, turn them off! You should spend some crucial time contemplating what exactly you’re looking to track through Google Analytics. Setting up goals is something, which should not be done in a hurry.In order to get started, you need to log into your Google Analytics account and locate the profile you want to affix goals into. In case you possess multiple accounts, you will have to first click the name of the parent before you can check the profile listing. On the right side of the section under “Actions”, you will see different links to delete and edit your profile. You need to click the Edit button in order to open your profile settings. There, you can locate a column, which is titled “Goals”. Once you are done with all this, you just have to choose a Set, which contains all your future goals. There are 4 probable sets and each one can hold up to 5 sets individually.
  3. Exploring The Goal Types (URL, time on site, page visit and events)In case you have clicked to set up a brand new goal, then you will notice that the form looks really simple. Here, you are first asked to enter a name and choose if the goal is active or inactive.
  4. Defining Customized FunnelsOnce you have completely understood the criteria for crafting goals, your task becomes much easier. Now, you can take things to the next level by defining funnels for all your goals. It should be carefully noted that different funnels will only work with URL goal kinds. You can’t really have funnels for total time per visit or page views as there isn’t a certain pathway to follow. The major purpose behind defining customized funnels is to craft a targeted map for your website traffic to go through smoothly.
  5. Understanding The Purpose Of Funneled GoalsNot many people are aware of the fact that goals are a much more simplified system for the internet experts. People who are getting into affixing funnels are usually looking for much more complex data patterns. You need to set certain goals depending upon the type of the website.


I hope the above mentioned information would act as a great guide to effective utilization of funnels in Google Analytics.

Tips For Becoming A Tough Google A/B Tester

Google A/B TesterA/B testing technology has certainly garnered a lot of positive reviews around the world. It is hitting the mainstream market as it is really effective. With so many tools accessible in the market, it has become quite simple to run A/B testing in quick time. However, if you talk to different marketers online then they would tell you that they just have basic knowledge regarding A/B testing. They haven’t really figured out what exactly A/B testing is all about. Continue reading

Using Google Apps For Improving the Business

Google Apps For BusinessGoogle has become a household name around the world and due to this fact the cloud-based office suite of Google is also growing in popularity. Cloud computing is not a new concept at all. Google apps have refined the technology so that the business houses around the world can take pleasure in its speed, storage, and accessibility. The brand new Google Apps suite includes Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Docs. You can carry out your work smoothly by acquiring this wonderful suite. Continue reading

Some Common Google A/B Testing Myths

A/B Testing with GoogleNot many people think of running an experiment when they are making a strong business decision every single day. They are busy writing email copies, designing the latest landing page, or creating the ideal social media update. They avoid optimizing treatments, running tests and shattering null hypothesis. But you would be quite amazed to know that the latter 3 actions could entirely be executed the way you carry out the first three of them. This will in turn help you in making sound decisions based on crucial data and therefore get more and more leads for your business. Continue reading

Three Affordable Tools for A/B Testing in Small Businesses

apples and orangesA/B testing isn’t just a normal term. A large number of tech–savvy marketers and designs are utilizing it right now in order to gain insight into the visitor behavior and to enhance the conversion rate. A/B testing is still not as popular as such internet marketing subjects as usability, web analytics and SEO. Individuals just aren’t as much aware of it. They don’t entirely understand what it is or how it could offer them an advantage. This article will offer you complete information regarding A/B testing tools in small businesses. Continue reading