Tips For Hiring The Best Virtual Assistants


virtual assistantDon’t even think about hiring a Virtual Assistant until you finish reading this article! Hiring a VA can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. The best thing about selecting a VA is that you have innumerable options available to you. One of the most difficult things for a VA is to handle customers in the best possible manner. Growing a business, too, can be very scary. A virtual assistant guides you and helps you at every single step so that you are able to take your business to a new level. This article will deal with some key tips for hiring the best virtual assistants.

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In case your small business house is in need of some administrative and managerial help, but you don’t really wish to appoint a full-time employee, then you can consider hiring a VA. He is an administrative expert who functions remotely on an agreement basis. Since VA’s are not workers, your utilization of one is no different from other suitable business partnerships you venture into.

Let us now talk in detail about some key tips, which you should follow for hiring the best virtual assistants.

  1. Knowing what to expect  When you are handling online business, then you can expect just about anything. However, it is important to understand what your expectations should be from a virtual assistant. Before you appoint the 1st individual you come across, you should understand that the background, experience level and the skills of virtual assistants differ significantly. For instance, some of them might have financial experience, whereas others might know web page design better. However, one thing, which is common, is a good proficiency in handling administrative tasks. So, it becomes quite important to choose a professional who is able to satisfy your queries and fulfill your expectations.
  2. Checking VA groups  A nice method of finding probable candidates is to check out some associations for VA’s. Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce has a huge directory of such assistants working in the entire country. You can talk to such groups and I am sure you will come across a suitable professional. All you have to do is to send a request to these groups and they are surely going to render you some key help.
  3. Considering distance  As virtual assistants function remotely, they don’t really have to be in the similar town or city as you in order to get the task done. However, if you want to meet him/her in person, then you can surely fix up a meeting at a desired place. You can discuss the prospects of working together by meeting in person. But you will have to arrange the place of meeting yourself.
  4. Syncing the working style  Due to the fact that your VA won’t be on the office premises, you have to ensure he/she is available at all the times when you need him/her. If you have the right budget, then you can even arrange for teleconferences in case your VA is in a different country. His work hours need to be managed carefully so that you can get the most out of his time.
  5. Establishing a payment structure This is another important thing, which you should consider before hiring a Virtual assistant. It becomes quite essential to establish a proper payment structure beforehand so that no issues arise later on. Usually, virtual assistants charge on an hourly basis. They work at a rate of about 30 to 40 dollars per hour. They charge depending upon their level of experience and expertise. If you are looking for a top class virtual assistant, then it will prove to be a bit costly for you.

If you talk about the hot places where you can find virtual assistants in abundance, then they are given below.

  • Popular social media websites – Yes, it’s absolutely true! Finding anyone on social media is quite simple and virtual assistants are no exception.
  • Google Search – Well, you don’t need to have any expertise to operate Google.
  • – This is another great source where you can find virtual assistants in abundance.

Besides all these places, you can find virtual assistants in the Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce. Once you decide upon a suitable candidate, you need to finalize him/her after a proper interview. Make sure you ask questions like: what are their expectations? What are his references?


All in all, you have to ensure that you get to know everything about the background of the candidate. The experience and accountability of a VA really matters a lot and this is why you need to select an individual who possesses all these qualities.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and appoint a suitable VA for your company. At ZBPO we operate a virtual staffing company for business process outsourcing. For the past four years we’ve been helping business owners grow their businesses with virtual staff. I hope this services will prove to be a lot beneficial for your enterprise. A professional virtual assistant will never disappoint you.

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