Why Choose Python Over PHP?


PHP ProgrammingPython and PHP are two of the most popular web programming languages in the world. Both have some distinct features, advantages, and disadvantages. However, in recent times more and more people are switching over from PHP to Python due to the immense benefits offered by the Python programming language. Even though choosing Python over PHP is not quite easy, but there are several reasons why a programmer needs to think over this decision.In this article, we are going to make several comparisons between the two languages so that you can generate some fine results pertaining to the two.

    1. PHP vs. Python: The Popularity

      No one would deny the fact that PHP is widely popular. Well, presently it’s the most popular open source programming language in the web industry. There are several PHP developers and jobs around in the market and the demand of PHP is increasing day by day.On the other hand, Python hasn’t been that popular. However, if you take it counter instinctively, its lack of demand and popularity compared to the PHP language can prove to be its strength sometimes. The Python developers have become quite rare and this is why they offer high quality services. If you compare the quality of the PHP and Python developers, then you can easily say that Python developers offer far better services.

    2. Python vs. PHP: The Language syntax

      PHP comes with a C-like syntax. Any programmer who has been exposed to this type of a language can get it straight away. Semicolons and curly braces function precisely as you’d anticipate and it feels similar too. I had absolutely no experience in PHP when I was assigned my first project. In just about 2 hours I found the bug I was in search of. I did all this just by going through a simple tutorial. Well, Python isn’t a simple language. Creating white spaces instead of utilizing curly braces requires some adjustment. In case you are switching over to Python, then you need to ensure that you gain some expertise beforehand. However, the advantage that this language has over PHP is that it comes with a fairly simple syntax and it reads just like a pseudo code.

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  1. PHP vs. Python: Several ways of doing it

    Several programmers when come across a new project tend to code up and run ahead for taking out a solution in regard to the requirements. There are some languages, which pride themselves on proffering as many methods as possible to resolve issues.

  2. Python vs. PHP: Web programming

    PHP usually feels like it’s crafted just for the purpose of creating web pages. Python stands on its feet as a popular general purpose language. Here, you need to choose a simple web framework that offers you the functionality you are looking for.

  3. PHP vs. Python: Profiling and Debugging tools

    Python debugging tools are easily available and it comes with a bigger developer ecosystem. Using these debugging tools is quite a simple thing to do and you can easily use them to your advantage. In PHP, you are required to have several tools; whereas in Python, you don’t really need to have many tools with you. You can do well with just the debugging tools available in the downloader package of Python.

  4. PHP vs. Python: How does it feel like?

    When you are planning to list some individual reasons, it might seem like PHP has a great upper hand. However, most of the individuals that I am aware of are completely comfortable with Python. They love working on Python rather than in PHP. The main reason behind this is that Python comes with a simpler syntax and is easier to write. Understanding the coding process of python is also very simple.

  5. PHP vs. Python: Lambdas

    Lambdas have made it easier for the Python programming language to gain advantage over PHP. They are so easy to craft and flow so easily within the programming language that professional developers will want to utilize them when they are the appropriate tool for the job. PHP doesn’t really match up to this function of Python.


So, these are some of the most effective reasons why you need to choose Python over PHP. But before you make a final decision in this regard it is pretty essential that you have a look at your requirements beforehand. Python is one of the most popular programming languages, which can help a programmer gain some prominence in this industry. It is regarded as the best programming language, which should be taken up by a beginner. It is simple to use and straightforward to handle. In case you have any more queries about choosing Python over PHP then, you can seek some professional help. A little bit of research and hard work can take you to places in the computer programming industry.

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