...I assure quality work in a timely manner because I'm only interested in long-term business relationships...

Looking For Your Web Consultant?

Hello, my name is Zachary Smith. I'm located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the EST timezone. I received my degree in Computer Engineering, but years before that I was working remotely for clients on frontend HTML/CSS/JavaScript projects. I now have over 15 years of web development experience under my belt and I've worked with WordPress since its inception in 2003. I work on existing PHP websites as well as WordPress theme and plugin development on a daily basis.

I am only interested in long term relationships, on projects that keep me excited and constantly learning more in the WordPress, PHP, OOP space. Web development is a passion of mine and that passion motivates me to make each project the biggest success possible.

On a very personal note, in 2015 I was diagnosed with, and ultimately beat, cancer. I feel blessed every day to be alive and doing what I love to pay the bills.

WordPress and PHP/HTML/CSS/Jquery Projects

The majority of my projects involve building sites from scratch using WordPress. If I'm not working on WordPress projects, I'm building sites with CSS/HTML/Jquery to hand off to a backend programmer. I have over 15 years of experience with PHP, which is why I normally handle both frontend and backend projects with PHP, in addition to frontend code with HTML/CSS/Jquery. I like to use SASS, Git workflows - basically any project management tool you use, I can jump in seamlessly. Some examples of my work are below:

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